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Our edition for Spring/Summer 2022, was extremely well received, after it’s release after Covid restrictions ended in March 2022.

Story of Fashion® is the premiere guide to Excellence in Art, Design and Music, with a most unique narration in curated images that connect our world and Story of the artist to the Story of our communities. This is the only guide of it’s kind, sold at Indigo, Chapters, and newsstands Canada wide, with ongoing North American circulation into 2023.

Where Fashion means ….that we can see the food created before us, wine crafted by a winemaker, jewellery handcrafted from personal touch, music performed directly in front of us. This is a one of a kind magazine about Connection, about Supporting Local and our Communities. Each specially created edition presents the only book of it’s kind for modern culture. The finest pieces made by hand that can become heirlooms.

And we forget what connections mean these days.
Because these days, our phones are constantly on, we don’t need to call anyone as much. We see messages pop up, and we reply with the feeling that, it’s something already established, because you have already been friended or, hey…it’s someone already on your WhatsApp contact list.

The connection we’re referring to is the kind where, you actually call someone you haven’t spoken to for a long while, or someone long distance, and when they pick up the phone, suddenly, your energy is connected, by hearing them ‘pick up’, and when their voice says… ‘hello’, you feel a human connection. A relief, a reassurance.

When we buy a product from a craftsperson, an artisan, a designer or chef. Something amazing happens. A chef for example, when we receive his/her dish, something that is made by hand, with personal care, it’s from their personal touch. It’s made from their philosophies in food, their individual values of how something should be sourced and cooked. Each vegetable is cut or shaped, transformed by the maker or their staff. And when the plate comes from their hands and go directly to us, we are connected to a bigger narrative, that gives us bigger meaning.  That comes from their hands, their passion, their enjoyment of creating and cooking, we are connected to the chefs story.

Same goes for music that is performed live!  It’s different, no matter how expensive your speaker system is at home, with your impressive collection of vacuum tubes and custom built walls. Hearing something live, means that you are There! You feel the musicians passion, the slight variation at each performance. Seeing them smile makes a huge difference, rather than hearing through a set of headphones, staring at the people at Starbucks.  Because you are there, as each note is being birthed…you are part of the energy that is being projected for you, and you are part of the human energy being shared, where the musician feeds off your excitement, that in turn, fuels their notes. You can feel the talent, the floor shaking, see where the voice comes from and appreciate the human talent. (something you can’t see through headphones or media). Now it’s true, one can always rock a beat in the car, and social media is important to promote our artists…but when you are present in something live, you are Part of Something, a human connection.

By being connected to a designer, musician, or a chef’s story,  we believe this meaning creates authenticity, substance, and a happiness of human care and connection that cannot be replaced by something mass produced or from fast fashion throw away consumerism.  Products that are personally made come with pride, and joy, attention to detail, made with more time, and when we receive it, it often always puts a smile on our face, because we are connected to the personal journey and effort of the creator. Story of Fashion is a very unique platform that transfers this ‘bigger meaning’, the passion, love and creativity, the pure energy of a person, to another.

It connects the reader to the most tactile, experiences. The people who bring fun!, creativity to their dishes, designs, and music!

It connects us to real individuals, who create products that last, that are exclusive, food that is a lasting experience, music that is an unforgettable experience.

And these connections are becoming more and more sought after, by foodies, and by consumers looking for a special piece for home, or our own identity and outfits, that the very product comes from someone we know, can meet, identify with, and speak to.

In a world where an instagram post is already old after a few seconds, where we look for instant gratification over and over each day on our phones, where few things last. More and more people are looking for permanent, lasting meaning, to enjoy the moment, and to find happiness through personal, tangible connections.

Which is why print is very important to us, because print in itself is also a tactile, handheld experience.
Things that are exclusively made are growing these days, because a new generation needs to innovate the new, amongst, established store shelved products and chains, and individual proprietors give us special attention, a feeling we all love. This was the norm prior to the industrial revolution, prior to things made in factories by mass production. There was a time when our shoes were made by shoemakers, custom, with a mould for our feet kept at the shop. Chairs were by wood workers from his shop, a baker for our bread, and even a general store where we were served individually, and those also became community places to meet everyday. The connection was there back then, where we met the creators, craftsman in person.  Perhaps we are in need of this connection again? Perhaps we need to talk to one another again, more, without technology, but live in person. William Morris a craftsman was one of the leaders of the Arts & Crafts Movement in the mid 19th Century Britain. A movement created as a reaction against the lowering of standards from the ever emerging factory production of the industrial revolution. The inspiration from his movement still lives to this day in arts and craft.

And Story of Fashion is in many ways a  restoration of an important connection, embodied by the Arts & Crafts movement. By bringing back to our personal narratives, and a profile for our creative individuals and entrepreneurs, in an innovative immersive, newsstand platform.

This magazine itself comes from a long journey of passion and experience.  We are now approaching  a 22 year old legacy in Toronto’s art and design, media community, from the vast seniority, and passion of leaders in the field of Canadian imaging, photographers, stylists, make up artists, designers, journalists, and some truly remarkable people in the Canadian creative, marketing, branding industry, that has made this dream come true.

Our next print editions will be released as a 9.5”x13” deluxe oversized, coffee table collectable. Beautifully photographed by our team, and exclusively curated. Each edition, itself custom curated by the finest photographers, makeup artists, stylists, journalists, and industry talents, circulated at Chapters/Indigo, Whole Foods, newsstands across Canada and the US, select newsstands globally, with a digital versions available online in major app formats.

We also invite you to visit our YouTube Channel Storyoffashion for the premiere of our first Talk Show, interviewing the who’s who of Canadian artists, designers and music.

SOF is fashion. It is entertainment, it is culture, but each element is also about Community within each community are live connections which we believe encourage the best of humanity.