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Story of Fashion®, is part of a long history and legacy in print magazine publishing which emanated 19 years ago. It is a custom crafted boutique magazine, whereby each page is the photographic collaboration and curation of top photographers, artists, industry models, stylists, make up artists, and the designers themselves, a true labour of love.

Each book is crafted by hand by our team, with no mass media ads or mass commercial content in our pages at all, which makes this magazine and our work, extremely valuable as a trusted and authentic guide to the industry, for the public to find the most interesting and exclusive designers and products in the world!

Story of Fashion is sold on major newsstands Canada wide, by our one of Canada’s major distributors, Magazines Canada. https://magazinescanada.ca/member-directory/#s, and globally in select distribution areas. As well as a digital circulation for digital apps worldwide.