Music Events

Music is crucial to us as one of our 3 major categories that are from handcrafted origin, and is a major conduit that tells the story of how we live. And here we can refer to that song you remember from highschool. Anyone from the 80’s whom is now in their 40’s would fondly think of The Bangles or The Flock of Seagulls, The Police, Christopher Cross…these are the songs that mark our memories.

In planning now is a music event curated for Toronto for the Spring of 2019!, to showcase the exquisite work of Luthiers, Guitar Makers from across Canada, with guests from Canada’s music industry and fans alike. This will be more than the the usual trade type show for displaying guitars, with lectures and presentations. Our formula will involve the public, through live performances, that will be televised and streamed, with each craftsman addressing and demonstrating their creations to an engaging audience. For us, this must be interactive, and for the public, an amazing time to remember that celebrates Canadian guitar makers, craftsman,  Canadian music, and the art of sound!