Story of Fashion®, is set to be the next social movement for bringing about a new set of aspirations and experiences for our modern lifestyle.  One that will re-invigorate the way we enjoy our cities, and energize a new sense and vision for ‘The New Story of How We Live”.  One that will usher in a series of innovative Social Events and dynamic Experiences, that engage our public in networking, meet ups, singles gatherings and stimulating shows that present new lifestyle ideas by supporting the handcraft excellence by wine makers, artisans of chocolates, handmade cheeses, jewellery, fashion designers, furniture designers, and creators of musical instruments. Each show and event we produce will be an amazing Experience with our special touch of personal interaction, with wine tastings, live demonstrations by artisans and the most innovative, interactive fashion shows, starting from our home city of Toronto. A new Social Ritual.

SOF is the curation and collaboration of leading Canadian artists, designers, industry photographers, make up artists, stylists and incredible talents contributing worldwide.

We have 3 core concepts at work, in what is becoming the newest, most substantial platform to change how media communicates and engages our public, during a time when the modern newsstand is rapidly changing and in decline.

Our first mandate, in our print publication, which is circulated by Magazines Canada, is to provide the finest in journalism and image art, to devote an entire book for the work of artists, craftsman, chefs, winemakers, instrument makers, musicians, and, jewellery designers, and fashion designers, whereby everything is made by hand, from human touch, and personal authorship.  Each edition is  a one of a kind book that stands for originality, innovation and excellence at the highest levels.  With immense value for the public to be able to have a definitive guidebook to products of lasting value, connection to the world’s finest designers of excellence.

Our second concept, is that our platform’s content is sectioned into 4 major elements, of Fashion, Beauty, Culture, and Happiness. In which we believe are the most important elements for our lifestyle, in which we always participate in, that speak of our personal and cultural identity, that gets passed from generation to generation, and they all tell our latest stories, of how we live and celebrate life. For example, wines over the dinner table, is instrumental in how we pass and share our stories to others. Music, in a song, tell the stories about our loves and heartaches.

Our third concept is to apply our storytelling into a Live Experiences platform about life and how we Touch Life, with the mission to provide the most indelible Experiences, for a public seeking more Authenticity and Substance for lifestyle.

What is unique about our concept is that it is inspired by a respect to the fundamentals of creativity, an honour for our designers, craftsman, winemakers. In which our Director, has cited William Morris as a pinnacle inspiration to the creation of SOF.  Where, back in the 1800’s the industrial revolution began and people started seeing huge factories of dark smoke appear all over Britain. Here was the first time, mass produced chairs and eye glasses were being made, and the beginning of when people stopped going to the craftsman for their daily products. William Morris created what was called the Arts & Crafts movement back then as a revolution against mass produced things, to restore what he called ‘The Earthy Paradise”.  In the 1990’s Kiyonaga was a docent at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and he lead large groups of people through to discuss the collection, which profoundly influenced him. Today he leads something uniquely built over 18 years of perseverance and hard work, to contribute a modern Earthly Paradise, which he has termed, the Story of Fashion.

Our print publication is a gorgeous, 9”x12” deluxe oversized, coffee table collectable treasure, each edition, itself custom created, by the finest photographers, makeup artists, stylists, journalists, and industry talents, circulated at Chapters/Indigo, Whole Foods, newsstands across Canada and the US, select newsstands globally, with a digital versions available online in major app formats. And with this special initiative, a new print magazine lives to bring substance for the importance of a hand held book, in an increasing digital world. Our book is in itself our handmade craft.

We also invite you to visit our YouTube Channel Storyoffashion for our Film Series and weekly videos on Fashion, Beauty, Culture and Happiness.

And we would love to meet you at our next Wine Tasting with Alessandro Dialuce, and our very special Salon Style Jewellery Event coming this summer!

For a unique look at our history please visit our Director’s page.