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Lee Romberg’s Cool Floor

Lee Romberg: The Renaissance Man

By Constance Adams

The term “Renaissance Man” gets thrown around too liberally these days. If you can seemingly multitask and produce moderately underwhelming accomplishments, you apparently fit the title. On the other hand we have Lee Romberg; entrepreneur, stylist, fashion guru, menswear scavenger, local celebrity, and charitable fundraiser: a true fashion Renaissance man.


Owner of “Off the Cuff,” Romberg offers an array of quality designer menswear in his consignment store. A fashion treasure-cove of suits from Gucci, D&G, Hugo Boss and rare one-of-a-kind items fill the racks. The exclusive clothing selection is combined with personalized service to make each experience unique. Romberg explains, “My intention is to deal with a person one-on-one. I get a great deal of people reporting back with outfit success stories, which gives rise to personal success stories in work and life. I only want guys to feel truly good about themselves…truly good through their fashion choices and truly good about making those choices for themselves.”

Romberg’s fashion pilgrimages have unearthed some of the most sought after designer clothing and quirky fashion finds. Lee reminisces, “I once had a pullover from Issey Miyake’s paper fashions. It was a delicate cardboard sweater and just beautiful – it was like ready-to-wear origami. I currently have a signed Claude Montana 80’s leather jacket, of which only 50 or so were made. And it’s also thrilling on the occasions OTC gets stuff actors wore. I can recall having suits from Peter Fonda a while back!” Off the Cuff has an allure to men looking for classic pieces with charm and a back-story. The quality of the clothing makes the biggest fashion statement, and according to Romberg, “luxury garments feel a lot better on!”

A lot of men approach menswear as stuffy with little deviation for an individual touch. A suit is a suit. Romberg helps his customers find fashion autonomy and reinvigorates the way they approach their wardrobe. He stresses that following the pack when it comes to fashion, especially within a professional setting, creates a sense of fashion fraud and highlights the importance of making fashion your own. “…For the workplace, things get to be uniform and uniform-ish. The way around this is to find individuality with accessories. It doesn’t mean defaulting to “funky.” The best-dressed man mixes up his look and can go from funky to crisp and conservative to rebel badass in a jiff!”

Off the Cuff, inconspicuously tucked away in an alley at Broadway Avenue, is a must see. Besides the gems you’ll find inside, the store itself, brimming with vintage chachkas and quote laden floor, is worth the trip!