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Story of Fashion’s, Toronto Salon-Style, Jewellery Show

For Summer 2019, for a most memorable event to inspire Toronto summer, a beautiful event that can become a new Social Ritual, that tells the story, of Canadian Jewellery, Canadian Fashion, and Canadian identity!

A grand event for Torontonians, and jewellery enthusiasts the world over. A return to an elegant presentation, engaging the public in a personal, classic and up close engagement of Canadian made jewellery, from Canadian Designers across the country. This event launches at a key time, for what is an iconic event for Canadians, the Canadian summer! It’s Super Immersive! For a prime audience of jewellery lovers to view, and interact with Canadian jewellery designers, as their creations are modelled, Salon Style, walking through a our audience, in very creative and theatrical choreography, as our designer describes her work to the captivated audience.


Story of Fashion, is the premiere event to experience the finest in Canadian wines, artisanal foods, handcrafted jewellery, fashion design, and guitars. This is a very unique portal, presented into four event themes, for Food & Wine, Fashion, Beauty, and Happiness. Curated exclusively to engage our audience from the world over, to interact, try each product, speak to designers personally, and enjoy a very entertaining and unique show! Hosted by luminaries and leading entrepreneurs in Canadian and global wine, food, craft, design, fashion and wellness.

Please check this website for further updates and information as we near the launch of our schedules.