Story of Fashion® Initiative




Story of Fashion® publishes a groundbreaking print and digital magazine on design, food, and innovative lifestyle.

It has also inaugurated a burgeoning Non-profit Organization, to facilitate the growth and prosperity of, and public support of, Canadian arts and culture, being based in Toronto, well as for Global design, entrepreneurs and new creative businesses, in the design and lifestyle industry, to promote the next generation of  innovative entrepreneurs. Innovative lifestyle companies from new boutique hotels, wellness entrepreneurs, the creative media & design community; artisans, and designers, through innovative mentoring programs, live event functions, online video programming, artists resources, networking and educational initiatives.  Our programming is to foster the growth of the above for the prosperity of local economies that can benefit from a healthy design and business sector, as well as for culture, for the growth of tourism, economy and community, and lastly for a flourishing factor of social happiness, through encouraging entrepreneurship and design.

1. Function as an educational service/resource to provide awareness, forums, special online social media, video and published materials, ie magazines, and guides, to promote the work of Canadian and global artisans, artists and designers to the general public. To become an invaluable new resource and inspiration to new artists and designers for public support, to support made in Canada, and made by hand, or of special design, exclusive products by design globally.

2. Will also produce networking functions, business forums, entrepreneural and leadership forums, events, that encourage mentoring as a goal, and aid in a new generation of artists and designers to succeed in the new global climate.

3. To provide the variety of resources to our members above that encourage public interaction through events, fashion shows, town hall type meetings, lectures by known accomplished mentors and success stories.

4. To also engage in raising funding, holding fundraising events, to support our programming, and also help in community causes for the arts and the training of younger artists in disadvantaged areas.