For people the world over, there is something we have in our home, our office, our businesses that we’re really proud of.  It’s something we keep in our closet, or tucked under our bed, something we create or design, or displayed in a custom made cabinet. It’s our own sacred treasures.

And it’s about our own sense of individual style and fetishes. From that one sentimental ring we wear, your little black dress collection, the watch collection that marks milestones in your career,  your collection of cars, or the one dish you’ve created, the one pizza you’ve perfected.  These things have become part of your personal story, that means something to you, and we’d like to hear about your story of how you’ve lived and the treasures you’ve accomplished.

Story of Fashion® presents a new series that will be aired in April on our YouTube Channel and our publications digital edition, for an engaging 5-10 minute walk through session with our host and cameraman, as some of the most interesting people, celebrities, chefs, restaurants, musicians, artists, and designers show us…their most Sacred Treasures.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of a new Story for fashion. One where we give the camera to you!!, our public, and our businesses, to  speak out, and tell your Story, behind the coolest things you own, or have created…and why?

We are now booking new participants to be interviewed for our April show roster.

Torontonians will be fascinated to see what we each have in our closets, and in our hearts.

If you have something unique to show, and would like to be a part of this series, please fill in the form below to contact our production team to book your taping and filming today.