Lori-Lee Emshey, Managing Editor

SOF’s Managing Editor and New York University Master’s alumna Lori-Lee Emshey writes about the many intersects between innovation and cultures. She has written about celebrities from BB King to Miley Cyrus, cutting edge start-ups, innovative architecture and design, climate change, covered New York Fashion Week, and was named a ‘Local Expert’ by Afar Magazine for her work in travel writing. During her time in New York she served as a page editor at Forbes. She also runs two start-ups she cofounded – one in renewable energy technology and the other in augmented reality software.



Anna O, World Affairs Editor

Anna joined Story of Fashion at its inception as both a writer and a creator. She began her career as a fashion model and appeared in international campaigns, runways and magazines. After four years of touring the world, Anna returned to academia to studylaw. She is now a licensed attorney, specializing in fashion law. Her work has been published in Travel + Escape Magazine, modelresouce.com and most recently the Health Law in Canada Journal. Anna holds an BA in International Relations from the University of Toronto and an LL.B. from the University of Southampton. She lives in Toronto, Canada.



Arash Moallemi, Photography

Arash Moallemi is one of the most celebrated and successful Canadian photographers in the industry. In a proud body of work stemming over 16 years, Arash has shot fashion, beauty, architecture, landscapes, portraits and food, and has directed motion ad spots. He’s been published in the pages of glossies like Hello! Canada, Glow, Sphere and Gioia. He’s worked with prestige brands such as Visa, Nike, Sears and the LCBO. He’s photographed billionaire Ron Joyce on his yacht in the Martimes, best-selling author John Irving at his rustic home in Connecticut and tennis champ Andre Agassi over drinks in at a Toronto hot spot. He lives for the adventure of producing arresting, unexpected, award-winning images under tight time constraints and ever-changing conditions. “A successful photographer is someone who can roll with anything that happens,” he notes. “When things change, it’s not a disaster. You look at the new situation and think, ‘What can I take away from this?'” The Canadian photographer also possesses a gift for fostering connection, for drawing out the best in subjects and crew alike, and for creating a warm atmosphere on set that generates photos that sing. “I want to show a genuine side of whatever I am shooting – something that most people may not see,” Arash says. “A lot of times, people don’t live in the moment. I hope that my photographs serve as a reminder for all of us to relish the special moments in life.”


Lisa Drader-Murphy, Luminaries Editor

Lisa Drader-Murphy is a Canadian fashion designer. She has,for over 20 years been the creative & driving force behind the celebrated “Turbine” label, as well as the new & exclusive “Lisa Drader-Murphy”, limited edition collection. Her clothing may be found at her 4 boutiques in Falmouth, Bedford, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Cavendish, PE, as well as her Mobile Boutique, which will be traveling across Canada in the Spring of 2016. Since establishing Turbine, her business has garnered national and international buzz, with coverage including CTV,CBC, Global TV, TNT, NY Times, USA Today, BFM France, NRJ, Canal+, Entertainment Tonight, ELLE, Flare, and CNN. Lisa’s styles are frequently spotted on celebrities around the globe and has been invited to present her collections during numerous international events such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival, and TIFF. She is the founder of philanthropic initiatives, The Turbine Fund and Turbine India Project. Lisa is also the National Style & Celebrity Columnist for ReFINEd Magazine and 2005 Progress Club Women of Excellence award winner in the category of innovator/entrepreneur, she continues to be a vanguard for the design and manufacturing industry since 1990.


Natalia Solar, Beauty Columnist

Natalia Solar is a passionately driven makeup artist who is most known for her expertise and creative edge in the makeup industry. In addition to, her carefulattention to her clients and talent, Natalia does not see flaws that need to be covered up, she sees beautiful features to be enhanced. Natalia has traveled internationally as a personal makeup artist and collaborates with photographer across boarders. Travelling since she was a child, this is when she feels most in her element when experiencing different cultures and customs, which brought her to starting the Nomadic Beauty blog, where she has interviewed some of the most interesting brands, spas and industry leaders from across Europe and the globe. Her love is to write about beauty and travel, revealling the beauty found, around the world. Natalia is proud to be a part of the Story of Fashion family and looks forward to bringing her unique global vision to our readers.


Laura Bay, Photographer

Laura Bay is a Toronto based photographer driven by her love for both fine art and fashion photography. Laura’s foundation as an alumnus of OCAD University in photographic arts, has been the source of her conceptually based ideas, and the unique cinematic nature of her work. Her Danish and Dominican background, has influenced her world perception. Being well travelled, she enjoys discovering influential and innovated ways of expression through culture, art and different worldly views. In the attempt of emerging emotion from the viewer, Laura uses her photography as a way of telling stories and finds the most important purpose to her work is to create, successfully, a link between art, fashion and society.




Staff Photographer, Anna Rubiec

Anna is one of the most prolific photographers in the industry who maintains the open mind, ‘to always keep fresh, young…and will try anything’.  This makes her work extremely new and possesses a sense of new discovery, magic, in which is part of what has created Anna’s namesake and reputation in the wedding photography industry. Her work is full of life and it’s this quality that exudes so much character that anna has made her mark in our publication, as our staff photographer.





Paddy Hseih, Marketing Co-Ordinator




Amy Ko, Marketing Co-ordinator

Amy has become a most invaluable member of our team, for both the passion she brings, which stems from her love of life’s experiences, and her insightful, creative and gorgeous marketing solutions for our clients. She is versed in the art of communications with a fluency in Korean but also has the ability to speak conversational Mandarin and Japanese.  In her spare time she also volunteers at Prostate Cancer Canada, and can be found embarking on projects that involve a high sense of adventure and discovery.




Hikaru Kiyonaga, Editor In Chief

We thought you may like to see the lighter side of our Editor In Chief,  Hikaru as his own life story is filled with such unique adventure, cultural history and a constant stream of re-incarnation from one experience to another. Life and embracing life’s moments is most important to him now, and thus the Story of Fashion is his devotion to preciousness of the stories that will not get noticed in media, but give an opportunity for more everyday stories of our friends and family, our business challenges, our mentors and unique synchronicities that change our lives and make it interesting, that make it life!

Hikaru brings more than 18 years in the publishing business, in imaging, brand strategy, art and design as he is also a professional metalsmith, and industrial designer, alumnus of the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto.

He is one of the only magazine veterans in the industry, to publish a design based magazine, that is also a practicing professional artist and designer within the industry, and a member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada.  Hikaru, is an accomplished metalsmith, foundry specialist in moldmaking for casting in bronze, aluminum, gold, silver.  In his career he has created numerous corporate commission pieces including hand sculpted busts, corporate installations and a special Silver Dragon broach for actor David Carradine, star of the Kill Bill movie series.

During his time at OCAD, he also created 20 years ago, OCAD’s first Professional Development and Mentoring Committee, which unified a collaboration between the faculties of Art, Design, Student Union, Administration to invite accomplished, renown alumni from the university, to speak to students and create an invaluable bridge between graduate and industry professional, in a bond of peer to peer mentoring, recognized as something that can inspire lasting bonds and a transfer of knowledge, to foster a dynamic and growing design industry, and above all help in the success of graduates in art and design. Hikaru is extremely passionate about mentoring and the value of what leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and anyone who loves sharing knowledge can bring.  In his first event noted OCAD alumni such as Barb Woolley of Hambley and Woolley, Elspeth Lynn of then ad agency Zig and many others from different disciplines were brought back to lead portfolio advice sessions, break out groups, presentations and a casual buffet to speak to their mentors in a relaxed situation.

Hikaru is also an accomplished art and design instructor, for over 25 years, has taught children, from drawing to pottery, to metal casting, with over 3000 Boy Scouts, Girl Guides to his credit, and has visited many schools to teach large classrooms the importance of art with a philosophy that connects to the beauty of nature. He is more known for, the work with his older portfolio development students, ages 16-20, whereby he places close attention into finding each person’s individual signature, to bring it out and flourish a body of work that embodies the vision and understanding of the student.

In the publishing industry, his work spans thus far 18yrs with some of the leading names in photographic art, imaging, with leading Canadian and international photographers, make-up artists, stylists and industry models, producing and directed on set, more than 542 photoshoots in his career. The work which he encourages, is to bring a respect to handcraft pieces, design, and with these pieces to create a moment, an image of indelible experience and inspiration, an aspiration for the public to virtually, ‘fall in love’, with design and crafted work, to appreciate slow fashion, and bridge hand crafted pieces and design into our everyday lives, and everyday fashion.