Story of Fashion® is a burgeoning non-profit initiative created with mentorship programs as our core function. Story of Fashion is a registered Canadian Non-Profit Corporation.

Our mandate is to facilitate the growth and prosperity of, and public support of, Canadian arts and culture, Canadian artists, artisans, and designers, through innovative mentoring programs, live event functions, our newsstand magazine, online video programming, artists resources, and educational initiatives.

To help Canadian artists, designers, artisans succeed in Canada, and abroad, eventually to contribute to Canadian culture, happiness and well being, tourism, and economy, by fostering a prosperous arts, culture and design industry.

An active part of our initiative is to Build Communities. Communities that are inclusive, diverse and that actively springboards careers in art, design, the lifestyle industry and young entrepreneurs. To breath new life into strengthening the heart of our community, in which artists, designers and entrepreneurs play an important role.

One of the results from our mandate is to create a New Social Lifestyle Movement. Whereby lifestyle quality in Canada and globally is improved by using and supporting handcrafted products, products of lifestyle design to adopt values of long lasting quality, to buy one piece that is treasured for a long time, that has lasting meaningful value, opposed to quick throw away consumerism, that becomes environmentally harmful. (see our director’s address). By helping to restore the social value of handcraft products, excellence in design, we give some recognition to the work of William Morris, and his Earthly Paradise, to hopefully bring arts, craft, and design to play a prominent role in our current industrial age.



We have a very special set of programming in store for our public, community and membership in our 2019 schedule. Which includes our Events schedule, Mentoring Programs, and our Boutique Magazine. Please feel free to contact us for further information on the dates for each program.