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Call for Submissions

This is a very important section of our initiative where we invite all members of our global community to write to us, Your Story, of fashion, your love of style, life, how you life. Share with us the unique way in which you face your career, adversities, challenges, in your unique city in the world. Share with us your passions, vision, or unique entrepreneurial Story.  This is your chance to share your thoughts to a huge and vast global community through our forum and platform.  We will read all your words with care, and will be posting your article submissions and pieces on this website,  saving 10 per season to publish into our print and digital editions.

As part of our initiative for creating the most authentic medium for original, thought provoking substance, every submission will include a reading fee for supporting our page space and administration, with the goal to maintain a lasting archive for our world’s stories.

Please also include in your submissions a fee of $5usd, via our Paypal Me account below.

Send your submissions to the form on the right!!

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