Musesa’s Exquisite Jewelry Collection

The Design Mythology Of Musesa By Lori-Lee Emshey Photography By Chris Thompson Makeup & Hair By Maureen Posadas Model: Karis (Elmer Olsen Models) Launched in Greece in 2011, Canada in 2013 and with brand ambassadors as far flung as Dubai, Musesa is not your grandmother’s beadwork. Monica Frangulea a Romanian architect-turned-jewelry-designer from Greece is awing …

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Aeropod, By Dean Jackson Designs

The Aeropod: A Work Of Art For Your Exquisite Treasures By Victoria Katarzyna Bajer AeroPod by Dean Jackson breathes life back into the world of furniture through its exquisite elegance and style. Each of these unique pieces encapsulates the magic of glamorous, early to mid 20th century artisanship, while still maintaining an innovative and fresh …

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