Featuring An Incredible Toronto Bar

Story of Fashion's crew at, No One Writes To The Colonel on College St., the place where new talents, artists and indelible experiences emanate.

The Story of Kyouka Ramen
The work of Chef Yamamura

A practice of consistent quality ingredients, adhering to the principles of Oyassan, Keiichi Machida

the profound, quiet energy of locals simply enjoying food

The proud team at Kyouka

The Premiere Global Fashion & Design Guide

A grand global initiative to create a distinguished global guide for celebrating a new global 'Story for the new ways in which we live’.  Story of Fashion ™ is an upscale boutique glossy published at 8″x10.5″ for newsstands in Canada, US and globally, on premium paper to contain some of the beautiful curated photography created to narrate the work of global artists and designers.

A Set of Exclusive Editions

A distinguished guide for the world's finest artisan's, designers, chef's, restaurants and wineries. A stunning adventure for food and design.

A Connection To Our City

Story of Fashion brings a new narrative to media, one that is about our new adventures in life, our dreams, our passions, our travels. This is about a new level of authenticity, realness. This is Our story as a community, and Your Story.

Chef Brad Long

One of Canada's top chefs and owner of Café Belong, He is an advocate of sustainable farming, and constantly checking the freshness of new produce, advocating a strong relationship between the farmer and chef.

In Each Edition

Is a timeless, collectable book, featuring the finest products that are handcrafted, exclusively made, designed for long lasting value and collectability. Alongside special articles into food, wines, a forward lifestyle of travel, adventures, the newest way which we live globally.

Stunning Photography

Story of Fashion’s initiative, fills the entire content of our book, with the highest craft and pursuit in creating the most indelible imagery in media today. We give to you, ‘experiences’ and alluring world’s to explore in our photographic art.


The International Guide To A New Generation Of Artisans & Designers

An Exclusive Print Book Created To Become A Collectable Treasure

Toronto, California, NYC, Vienna, Romania, Italy Iceland, Nigeria, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Australia

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